Working to Distraction

Feast or Famine right? Why does that currently present itself as my only option? Let's say you are hungry and you've been hungry for a long time. Suddenly, someone comes up to you and not only offers you ONE sandwich, they offer you FIVE sandwiches. And you are so hungry that you take those five sandwiches and eat them all up because DAMMIT! You will be so full that you will NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN!

And then you get a tummy ache.

That's the predicament I found myself in. However, I couldn't be happier now that I've realized the best way to deal with all of this was just to just say no. I've currently turned down two work opportunities and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was stressing about how I was going to fit everything in, I wasn't enjoying myself anymore and found my focus incredibly lacking. If I spoke to you at the Rideau Awards, I don't remember. Not because I was drunk, but because my brain was somewhere else entirely.

Do I worry that by turning something down I may not have anything else coming up? No. I don't. I feel liberated by this new decision... this new philosophy!


(Ok, ok, so it's not entirely new. But we all need reminders, right? I know I need an inspiration reboot.)

I want to focus on what matters to me right now: my job at the GCTC & the performances I've got coming up. I want to write and I want to have some fun. By letting go of those time consuming projects, I can actually go to a festival in London I adored last year and reconnect with some old and inspirational friends.

So, who's ready to play?