Two Weeks

That's how long it takes for my brain to turn into absolute mush on a hyper-jam-packed schedule. If I take a step back, it's quite an interesting phenomenon. My body is fine and can easily keep going, but my brain prevents proper coordination and requires an incredible amount of energy in order to focus on a single task. (You have no idea how difficult the act of writing this simple blog post seems to be.) For someone who likes to multitask as much as myself, this is a very frustrating turn of events. I feel like I'm walking in a fog. It's kind of like being drunk, only without the added bonus of a party. I'm really glad I returned the car I'd been using this past week because I would not trust myself to drive right now. I've also noticed that I'm talking to myself, mumbling more often than not, and singing out loud to The New Pornographers. Yup, definitely like being drunk.

I don't get an opportunity for a real rest until Good Good Friday, but now I know have to be careful and to take it easy for the next few days... Let's see how that goes.