Death and Taxes

There are only two certainties in life and for some reason my immediate family has dived right into both of them.  A few months ago, I talked about my mother's work with death.  Now, I'm going to bring up another aspect of the family business and that's taxes. My mother has always been an accounting wiz and that gene was obviously passed on to my sister, the financial planner.  I know I seem like a bit of a black sheep in this family, what with my artsy tendencies and everything, but in my defense math was actually my best subject in school (I even did better than my mother and my sister - shhhhh!)  The thing is, I just never cared about it much and my mother will be more than happy to tell you that I still don't.  That said, like everyone else, I can't avoid numbers forever and eventually I do have to settle in and do my taxes.

So instead of finishing my taxes, I thought the best way to procrastinate some more is by writing a blog post about doing your taxes.  This post is therefore an introduction to a series on taxes for artist that comes by special request of one Sterling Lynch.

Please note that although I have taken workshops on tax preparation for artists, I am in no way an expert and that everything I share with you should be carefully looked through by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.