Asking For Flowers

This is a Public Service Announcement for anyone out there who might find themselves in the position of dating an actress. May whatever deity you worship protect you. I consider myself a strong, independent single woman. The majority of the time, I am perfectly fine with being on my own. Every once in a while, however, my over-Disneyfied childhood education rears its ugly cartoon head and, gosh darnit, I wish I was a princess... with a tiara and everything.

Opening night for a show I'm performing is one of those blatantly Cinderella moments for me. On opening, after weeks of hard work, there's nothing I would love more than to have some pretty flowers sent to me backstage by my 'Man of Mans' (TM by The Adorkable Thespian). To know that the one special person in my life is out there and routing for me... well, that just sounds so heartwarming. I think most actors feel this way (though they may not want flowers, perhaps it's chocolates or banana bread or a combination of the two).

I was with an absolutely lovely man for a very long time and, though he did give me flowers throughout our relationship, I never got any for a show. His mother sometimes got me show flowers, but it just wasn't the same.

Of course, I could have just told him that's what I'd like, but isn't asking for flowers just like asking you to be nice? (And to be clear, none of my past relationships have been anything like the ones in that song, I just think it's a nice turn of phrase.)

Then again, maybe it's just not that obvious of a thing. So, to any future 'Man of Mans' (or 'Woman of Womans, who knows?) out there who might do some stalkerish research before dating me (or any other actor), I like flowers. Purple lilacs are a personal fave, but you know, it's really the thought that counts. ;)