The Popular Vote

It's a regular blogapalooza week here at So You Want To Be An Actor (Redux). For some reason I've been blogging almost every day. I guess there's just a lot going on, including the following on how you can help the Ottawa Theatre Network. I know that this is very much a popularity contest for money. That said, with funding being so difficult to get in the first place, I don't really like passing up any opportunity that might help support my theatre community.


Be a Part of Ottawa’s Renaissance: Vote Now, Vote Daily, Tell A Friend

Do you care about Ottawa professional theatre?

Do you want to help the Ottawa Theatre Network and the Great Canadian Theatre Company make a lasting contribution to Ottawa professional theatre?

Here’s you chance! It will only take a few minutes of your time. We promise.

To find out more, click here:

Remember, you don't even have to live in Ottawa to vote and you can do so daily!

A direct link to our proposal itself can be found here:

In addition, Third Wall Theatre is also looking for support for their Shakespeare Ensemble Project. Since you can vote for multiple proposals, I suggest you also check them out here: