Happy Thanksgiving! I don't think we ever celebrated Thanksgiving when I was growing up. At least, I don't remember. One of my earliest memories of celebration are from my first year in university when I was asked to join a friend's family. It seems fitting then that that's what I did again this year.

People often say that holidays are too commercial. Why do we need a specific day to say thank you or I love you or boo. The thing is, we get so busy with everything going on in our lives that we sometimes just forget something as simple as thank you.

I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed today. I've come to realize that jet-lag is not a myth and that my body has been thrown completely out of whack. One minute I'm gleeful over turkey, the next I'm crying over cat hair. I'm passing out in various locations and I'm confused as to what I should be eating right now. (Wait, is this breakfast? Then why am I eating a TV dinner?)

In order not to succumb to feelings of desperation and out-of-placedness (if Shakespeare was allowed to create his own words...), I've decided to take a moment, on this day of thanks, to objectively remember what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my friends and the absolutely limitless amount of love and support I feel coming out of them.

I am grateful for my family. Our relationship over the past two years seems to have evolved into everything I could have ever hoped for.

I am grateful for my beautiful home and the safety it provides me.

I am grateful for art, and the theatre in particular, for nourishing my soul.

I am grateful for music and its ability to move me.

I am grateful for my body and its ability to move.

I am grateful for my cat who only knows love and snuggles.

I am grateful for this world and all its corners I have yet to explore.

I am grateful that I remember the low points are only there to remind me how wonderful the high points can be.

What are you grateful for?