Baby Steps - Free Association

You've got ideas, ideals, goals, and dreams. They're so much brighter, better, bigger, of course, than where you are right now. And you want to get there. Right now. Why wait? But first you have to take steps, little steps, baby steps to get you on your way. But you don't want to take the baby steps because, dammit, you're not a baby anymore, Mom! You're a big girl. And you want to take the big girl grownup steps. So you leap, you jump, you freaking fly over all the baby steps and you soar... but then you realize that you don't literally have wings and no one bothered to teach you how to land this thing so you crash and you burn and you scrape your knee and skin your elbow and break your arm and you cry. You cry big warm baby tears and you feel like such a big baby and you wonder, if I'm such a baby, why didn't I take the baby steps to begin with?