Why See No Exit Upstage?

Listen to this glowing recommendation from Brian Carroll, a man who knows his way around a Fringe Festival: No Exit Upstage

"Nancy Kenny flies under director's radar for reasons I don't understand. She won an Ottawa Fringe award for her performance in Tuesdays and Sundays. And she was in the sold out and remounted Evolution Theatre production of This is a Play. And try to tell me that that photo of her in a hair-pulling catfight with Natasha Jetté isn't hot! I'll try this one on spec."

Here's the picture he's talking about:

Natasha Jette and Nancy Kenny   Photo by Marcel Leger

We open tomorrow night and run throughout the entire festival!

No Exit Upstage Writer/Creator: Nancy Kenny Director: Ken Godmere

What’s worse than a job interview? Being stuck in the same room as the competition. Two roommates. One audition. Hell hath no catfight like an actress scorned.

A new comedy written and performed by Nancy Kenny (Best in Venue/Outstanding Performance Winner, Tuesdays & Sundays, and the sold-out run of Daniel MacIvor’s This Is A Play - Ottawa Fringe) Shows

* Show: No Exit Upstage * Date: Thursday, June 18th 2009 * Time: 9:30pm * City: in Ottawa, ON * Venue: Venue #3- Studio Leonard Beaulne * Address: 135 Séraphin-Marion * Country: CA * Admission: 10.00 * Age restrictions: PG13 * Buy tickets. * Notes: 2 for 1 opening night