Timing Is Everything

I wasn't going to blog today. I feel that the Ottawa Fringe web admin is probably getting sick of approving all my pingbacks and could use a break. Besides, I have a busy day today of seeing shows (aiming for 7 or 8 ) before performing in one of my own tonight at 11 p.m. However, it's that very crazy show-viewing schedule that is forcing me to write today. You see, I am a theatre watching whore. I want to see everything I possibly can. Since I am billeting some performers from Montreal, I was given a VIP pass for my troubles. This means I can get in to any show during the festival for free. This, ladies and gentlemen, is like being given all the crack you can handle in a 10 day period and I plan on binging like mad. Like all the other insane Fringers out there, I've made a schedule (though I have yet to fall into "spreadsheet" category *snort* loser!) and I have based this schedule on the running times presented in the programs. Now, I don't mind if your show is shorter than what might be advertised, but please, DO NOT GO OVER! Or if you're going to go over, could you at least make your show entertaining so I don't start wondering what I might be missing in the venue next door? Or at the very least, maybe you could be offbook and not carry your script around the stage... or you know, be able to cold read properly? Could you do that for me? Maybe? Thanks.

Though I'm not going to name the show, I will say that this situation happened to me yesterday. In most regular venues, I believe the technician is mandated to cut the performance if you go over your allocated time, however BYOV's (and no, the show I saw was not Miss Pearlman's - though I hear it is wonderful and will see it today. I'm just linking to her definition of BYOV for those who may not understand the term), often being the only show in the venue, have no such restrictions.

Please, artists, respect your audience. It is frustrating for a Fringe patron who may have a limited amount of time to see everything they would like to see to be held up because you did not respect your advertised running time.

This has been a public service announcement from Nancy Kenny and No Exit Upstage, which runs until June 29th at the Ottawa Fringe Festival.