Join the Evolution!

For those of you who may not know, I am a founding member, as well as the Director of Communications for an independent theatre company in Ottawa named Evolution Theatre. This past week, we have finally launched our new website, which I encourage to visit frequently, as content is constantly being updated: This past year has proven to be very fruitful for us. We have been honored with multiple award nominations through the Rideau Awards, the Capital Critics Circle, the Golden Cherries and the Ottawa Xpress. Our production of Daniel MacIvor’s This Is A Play sold out its run at the Ottawa Fringe Festival and was remounted as part of an evening of one-acts, in which we collaborated with two other local, independent companies. CBC Radio’s Alvina Ruprecht favourably reviewed our productions and called us “an important contribution to the professional theatre scene in Ottawa.”

We were also thrilled to be chosen as one of the companies to receive Production Mentorship under the tutelage of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. This mentorship program will gives us the opportunity to produce the Canadian premiere of Mark Ravenhill’s pool (no water) in the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre’s studio space in May of 2009 (Tickets on sale now!), as well as increasing our skills in various administrative areas of the Theatre. We are at an exciting stage in our development as a professional theatre company in Ottawa.

This past December, our company finally became recognized as a registered charity. As you can imagine, this was very joyous news indeed. pool (no water) is our most ambitious and expensive endeavor yet. We have applied for grants through the various levels of government, but have yet to receive any funding. With projected funding cuts all around to the arts, this then leaves us with the option of soliciting sponsors and donations from individual patrons and businesses.

We need your help. Currently, we’re trying to raise $5000. A donation as small as $25 can help us cover up to 3 hours of rehearsal space in city owned community centres; $100 buys costumes or set pieces; $2000 covers our technical time and staff in the theatre.

If you can’t afford to give, how about volunteering some of your time? Those interested should send an email with which areas of the theatre they are interested in working in to

If you would like additional information on the company and our upcoming productions, I encourage you to visit our brand new website, once again, at Online donations may be made by clicking the "Donate Now" button. A list of giving categories and rewards will be included on the site soon, but if you would like to know more now, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via email:

Thank you for your support!