Help! I Need Somebody

The ego doesn't want you to get help.  Whether it's having someone look over a draft of a script I wrote or getting coaching on a monologue, my ego immediately flares up, wondering why I would need help in the first place.  I should just "know" how to do it well, how to do it right, and if I can't make it awesome the first time around, well screw it!  I'm not doing it anymore. Ouch!

Is this some kind of self-preservation thing?  Protecting ourselves from potential criticism and, gasp, heartbreak?  Yes, in some fucked up way, I guess it is.

I can't tell you how hard it's been for me to get past my own ego, to stop self-sabotaging myself.  I try to take little baby steps everyday to ensure that I keep moving forward, but sometimes even baby steps feel like jumping over mountains.

So I've got two choices:  I could lay down and just give everything up or I could just ask someone with some mountain climbing gear  how to go about it.

Can I sleep on that for a bit?