All of this has happened before...

For the second time, I am producing a show I have written for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. For the second time, I'm having trouble putting together my creative team. The people I would really like to work with are unavailable, which means I have to take a chance on someone new. And that scares me like you would not believe. I've mentioned before that this art form is a collaborative effort that is so much bigger than myself and I still believe that. I do. Honestly. However, I'm investing a lot of money, time, and, yes, even a little part of my soul into this endeavor. I'm already taking a big risk. Now I have to take it a step further by trusting someone who's work may not be familiar to me... I'm having trouble letting go.


This happens all the time after all. Who is ever truly "in control" when it comes to creating theatre? I just have to keep doing the best that I can with what I have and trust my instincts will help me select the best people for the task at hand.

I want people to trust me. I guess it's time I started trusting them.