Doing Nothing at All

Approximately two to three weeks ago, I send out packages (resume/headshot/cover letter) to 6 different agencies in Toronto.  Last week, I do my follow up phone calls to "make sure they got it." From one agency, I get an automatic email saying they got it.  Three go to voicemail.  One emails me personally and asks for a demo.  The last actually takes my call, but unfortunately can't seem to find my stuff.  They'd look for it and get back to me.

So, I persevere.  Reply to the email.  Call back the guy who's still looking for my stuff...

No answer.  What now?  WHAT NOW?!?

Well, there's nothing I can do.  Honestly.  We live in this digital world where we get so used to instant everything, we forget to take the time to breathe and just let things develop.  As the guy in this video says "Give it a second!  It's going to space!"


So stop.  Just stop, breathe, and let it happen.  You know what you're capable of.  You know you're ready for opportunity whenever it's ready to knock.  Go do something else.  Go to the gym, go do your groceries, go meet friends (and do not talk about what you are doing).  Go!

And you know what?  It works.  I go to the gym and now I have a meeting on Thursday.  Turns out last guy did find my package after all.