I Have Limits?

I know, stop the presses, but this is actually surprising news for me.  I had a revelation recently that made me go back and reevaluate how I learn things. It's frustrating when you know in your mind that you are capable of doing something but your body doesn't respond accordingly.  For instance, I know I COULD run a marathon, but if I went and tried to right now, my body would cave somewhere around 5 or 6K even though my mind would be willing to keep going.  So, if I want to do accomplish this goal, I need to practice, build up my physical strength and endurance, ect.  But I'm annoyed because I want to be able to do it now!

Since I'm impatient, I find that I usually give up and don't bother practicing or getting better because, well, if I can't do it right now, what would be the point?

Wow, talk about self-sabotage!


Dear Nancy, please get off your high horse and come down and play.  You'll only get good at the game if you keep playing.

Lots of Love and Cheerios,

The Universe

At least, I think that's what The Universe would say.